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  Everyone knows by now that protecting your face from the sun is key to having younger and healthy looking skin. Protecting your face from irreversible sun damage is important, but finding the right sunscreen to fit into your daily skin care regimen can be tricky and expensive. To save you all the trouble I've made it my mission to try all the best face sunscreens that I could get my hands on. From tinted moisturizers, for when you don't feel like you want to wear any make-up, to thick textured creams and sticks. Here is a short list of the 3 sunscreens that I swear by and alternate in my daily beauty routine.

Face Finishing Moisturizer Tint SPF20 - $ 75.00

Now, this little jar of moisturizer is simply magic. It's lightweight, is SPF20, oil- free and has a universal tint that's great for any skin tone. It instantly adds a dewy and glowy complexion to my skin. Even with it being lightweight, it still has a rich texture and deeply hydrates. I love that I can wear this moisturizer alone or under any makeup. I prefer to wear it alone because it has such a luminous finish that it gives you the illusion of makeup. This product is particularly awesome for a day by the beach or pool! 


Hydrance Optimale LIGHT Hydrating Cream SPF20 - $32.00

I'm a sucker for anything French. Especially their skin car products. This specific brand Avène is hard to find in America, which is why I stock up on it anytime I'm overseas. Don't worry though, Amazon sells Avène so you're in luck. This ultra light moisturizer provides long lasting hydration for thirsty and dry skin. It absorbs the oil on your skin and leaves you with a matte like finish. My face never looks shiny when I use this product. You can also wear it under foundation. It's also made with Thermal Spring Water and is hypoallergenic and paraben free. Terrific for everyday use in the morning or night and great for any skin type. 



SUN BUM SPF 30 Face Stick - $9.99

Most convenient sunscreen ever made. It's cute and compact and smells so delicious I could eat it. Unlike most sunscreen sticks its non-greasy and doesn't leave any streaks on your face. This face stick is sweat proof and water proof and great for the days you want to ditch your make-up. If you have sensitive skin like me don't worry, it won't make you break out.




Photo by Jack Guy 

Photo by Jack Guy 


      A fellow health coach recently asked me how to help people who feel restricted in their diets. Well, the obvious answer to that question is that the point of dieting is to restrict either the amount of food you eat, or the types of food you eat. Diets are inherently restrictive. When we tell ourselves we can’t have something, it makes us want it that much more. Simply being on a diet, you’re going to feel restricted.

This is a big reason why diets fail. They are built on the premise of not letting you have something that you probably like eating. What if you could eat in a way where you could have what you wanted without feeling restricted?

I’m not talking about moderation. Moderation rarely works.

An alcoholic can’t drink in moderation.

A diabetic can’t drink coke in moderation.

Our minds are pretty adept at justifying things we want. We may promise ourselves not to eat gluten, but when you’re at a wedding you’re going to convince yourself it’s okay to eat cake.

Or maybe you promised yourself that you would lay off the booze this week, but then you get your period, so it’s wine o’clock, baby.

If we really want something, even though we’ve made an agreement with ourselves to forgo it, our minds will find a way to justify it. This is human nature. It’s not about willpower. 

People ask me all the time what I eat to stay healthy. My answer is simple: I eat what I want when I want it. I never feel restricted.

How can this be?

I’ve done the mental work, and now you can do it too.
We make choices that eitherbring us closer to pleasure and familiarity, or that move us away from pain. Think about it! With every decision you make, you consider the pleasure/pain cost.



  • Spending $500 on a pair of shoes may bring you more pleasure than the pain of paying off that credit card bill. Conversely, spending that amount on a pair of shoes may seem horrifying to you, so you choose to save your money. The pain associated with being out $500 is too high. 
  • You go see a terrible movie with your loved one because their enjoyment brings you more pleasure than the pain of seeing the awful movie.
  • You play the repetitive ‘wheels on the bus’ song over and over in the car so that your child will be happy. Hearing the song on repeat is less painful than your child screaming and crying. 

We are constantly evaluating the pleasure/pain cost, even when we don’t realize it.
This is the key to changing the way we eat in a way that doesn’t feel restrictive.

Here is how this has worked for me in my own life. For years I wanted to stop eating meat, but I didn't know how to do itwithout driving myself crazy.  Every dish I loved growing up had meat as the centerpiece. I loved the taste of meat, and craved it daily. I tried to stop eating meat dozens of times, and I always failed. I would go weeks without meat, but then I would get a craving and I would cave. I knew that in order to make this change and not torture myself in the process, I would need to associate meat with pain, and not eating meat with pleasure. So what did I do? I read book after book detailing the benefits of a plant based lifestyle. I got excited about it. I read a chapter every single day until I was comfortable with my new lifestyle. I also watched several documentaries about factory farming and animal agriculture. Now, I no longer associate eating meat with pleasure. In fact, I’d rather have shards of glass in my ass than eat an animal ever again. 

Do you remember seeing the viral video of David Hasselhoff wasted on the bathroom floor eating a burger? He had his daughter videotape him so that he could see what he was like when he was drunk. He was trying to associate pain with alcohol so that he could finally stop.

This is the best way to break an addiction. Associate enough pain with the substance or food you’re addicted to, and you won’t seek pleasure there. That’s why sometimes people have to hit rock bottom before they finally commit to change.

It’s like a lifelong smoker getting diagnosed with lung cancer. Suddenly the cigarettes she couldn't live without are associated to the pain of having cancer and possibly dying. 

It’s getting a DUI before you finally stop drinking alcohol.
Getting diabetes so you finally clean up your diet.

It’s life or death.

As human beings, we have evolved tremendously, but we’re still animals. Our instincts instruct to us avoid pain and to pursue pleasure. The good news is, we can use this information. We can reprogram our pain points and pleasure points.

When we link pleasure to foods that nourish us, and we link pain to foods that are toxic to us, we never feel restricted. We eat exactly what we want. We never have to diet, because we get extreme pleasure and joy out of eating foods that our bodies are designed to eat!

When I see fresh blueberries, I see vibrant health, radiance, and powerful antioxidants. 
When I see a bag of Doritos I see disease, obesity, and poison.

It’s all about reframing our minds.

So, what big changes are you hoping to make for your health?  Grab your journal and write them down.

1. What will your life will look like if you don't make these changes. 
2. What will your life look like if you DO make these changes. 
3. How will you FEEL every day if you make these changes?
4. How will your life improve, and the lives of your family members improve if you make these changes?




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ESSIE Chinchilly on pedicure  

ESSIE Chinchilly on pedicure


    It's never too early to start thinking about summer looks. We're over daydreaming about tropical vacations, what we're going to pack and of course our favorite summer nail polish. We've put together a list of all our favorite nail polish colors to get you in the mood for summer.


Deborah Lippmann
Pink Cadillac $18.00


Yves Saint Laurent 'La Laque Couture' Nail Lacquer
 Blanc Arty  $28.00


Lady Like $9.00



Deborah Lippmann
Get Lucky, $20.00


  Achieving a flawless face begins before you apply any makeup. It's important to prep your skin so it's a nice smooth canvas, and will ensure makeup application is easy and fool proof. I know when I want to have what I call "a good face day" it begins in the shower.
Here is my step-by-step for prepping my skin for makeup.


1. Cleanse.

It's imperative that you wash away any dirt, makeup residue and unnatural oils left on your skin. I love Sunday Rileys Ceramic Slip. It's gentle but deep cleansing. The French green clay works into the pores and also tightens the skin.
It is also important to survey your skin and frequently exfoliate. About 2-3 times per week. Makeup will look uneven and cakey on dry and flakey skin. I use Tarte FRXXXTION stick and Tatcha Polished. Both are gentle but remove debris leaving your skin baby soft.



2. Tone
Toning is essential in skin care regimen. It helps remove residue left on the skin, restores pH, improves skin tone and texture. I love  Dickinson's Witch Hazel because it doesn't dry out my skin and gets deep into my pores. It also helps clear up any blemishes. I also love Sunday Rileys Martian Melting Gel-water toner. I have combination skin and this really helps mattify my skin.


3. Serum.
While serums aren't entirely necessary they are fantastic for pore targeting. As a general rule in skin care, you want to apply the lightest products. The products absorb into the skin and will help improve complexion. Especially if you have pore problems like myself. It's also important to treat pores prior to applying moisturizer and makeup, as those products will settle into pores causing breakouts and other not so pretty problems. SKINMISO Pore Corset Serum is one of my favorites.


4. Moisturizer/Eye Cream.
Now that I have treated my skin I can moisturize and apply eye cream. I love Tatcha Balanced Pore Perfecting Water Gel Moisturizer because it's light weight and absorbs into my skin without leaving a film or residue behind that cream moisturizers can often do.
I know some people think that eye creams are for old ladies but there are a million benefits for using eye cream at a young age. It's preventative and depicts and makes eyes appear brighter.  Benefit's It's Potent eye cream is a great option.


5. Oil.
While oil doesn't penetrate skin completely it has some incredible benefits. Plumping, brightening, super hydrating and anti-aging. I like to applying minimally to my dryer areas. Alcones Limelight One Drop Wonder is fantastic.


6. Primer.
This step it critical for a pre-makeup application. It makes makeup application flawless and acts as a magnet to hold the base of your foundation and concealer, making it last all day. I like to mix up my primers but my go to is the Smashbox Photo Finish.

While everyone's skin is different, this step by step is pretty universal. Just make sure you use the products best designed for your skin type.


Photo by J. Hoffner

Photo by J. Hoffner


   Every great hairstyle starts in the shower.  It also helps if you have a brilliant hairstylist. Lucky for us our favorite hair stylist Chase kusero has come up with a line of products that help you to obtain sexy hair without having to take a trip the salon. This new hair brand called IGK was created by a trio of Rockstar stylists from Los Angeles, New York, and Miami.

   Each product not only represents one of the cities with its own signature scents but It also represents the styles of the women from each city. The scents are described as New York is sophisticated and LA is fresh, but Miami wins for best fragrance. It's true. The Hot Girls shampoo and conditioner is my favorite! It smells like delicious coconut mixed with a tropical cocktail and the best part is the scent doesn't leave your hair for days after washing. And the after look? You're left with lustrous, shiny, and strong hair.  What can be sexier than that? Since summer is basically here and you'll be spending most of your time in a swimming pool or the ocean, this is the perfect shampoo and conditioner to protect and hydrate your hair. 

Check out the entire collection of IGK products now available at



Photography by Jennifer Hoffner

Photography by Jennifer Hoffner


    If we had an Academy Awards for supplements and vitamins, the award for best in detox and overall health would definitely go to Spirulina. As a heath coach, I get asked all the time which supplements I recommend. Well, every BODY is different, which means my recommendation for one person may be vastly different from what I recommend for another. Spirulina; however, is one supplement I tend to recommend across the board. Why? It’s the most nutrient dense food on the planet.

One of nature’s greatest detoxifiers, Spirulina is a nutritional powerhouse. These days, we’re exposed to so many toxins that it’s quite necessary to be proactive about detoxification. 

First and foremost, Spirulina is a blue-green algae that grows in freshwater. If you’ve ever experimented with Super Greens, then you’ll definitely be familiar with the bold taste of Spirulina. Fortunately, when combined properly in a smoothie, you can barely taste it.

So, what does Spirulina contain?

Calcium. In fact, Spirulina contains 26 times more Calcium than milk. Iron, which is why all vegans and vegetarians should be taking it. It’s a great source of Protein and Thiamin too.

The most important reason to incorporate Spirulina into your diet is that it detoxifies the body of heavy metals, safely and gently. Which metals? Metals like Mercury (from fish, dental fillings, and vaccines), Arsenic (which is surprisingly prevalent), and Aluminum. Spirulina binds to the metal, but unlike it’s cousin, Chlorella, it actually mobilizes it out of the body.

It doesn’t stop there. Spirulina can also lower your blood pressure, remove mold from your body, and reduce chances of a stroke. It helps to lower cholesterol, eliminates candida, and can also help prevent cancer. 

I guess the question we should really be asking is what CAN’T it do?

Am I right?

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Written by Jennifer Hoffner


   Women of many different cultures from around the world have been using essential oils as a part of their beauty regimen for centuries. They used natural and plant based oils for the purpose of beautifying and healing. In recent years here in the United States oils have been slowly penetrating the beauty Industry. It started with Moroccan Oil and Argan oil and now I read about oils in almost every magazine and beauty blog.

I started using oils as a part of my beauty regimen from a very young age. As a kid, my mother massaged coconut oil into my hair regularly and I always used it as a body moisturizer. Now in my 30s I still continue to use oils and have experimented with a plethora of them. Especially ones for my face. Because of my sensitive skin, it's been a challenge to find ones that don't make be break out or leave me looking greasy. 

Photography by Jennifer Hoffner

Photography by Jennifer Hoffner


Lucky for me my girlfriend Monica introduced me to my latest beauty obsession, Sof Naturals.  A small but equisite line of face oils, body oils, roll on oils and even lip balm. All the products are made without any chemicals or artificial ingredients and instead contain the highest quality natural and raw materials. Each batch is handcrafted with lots of love, care, and attention. And it certainly shows. 

Sof has become a part of my daily beauty and health ritual. I use their oils morning, day and night. For my face, I use the Argan oil,  known as "liquid gold", it leaves my skin glowing and hydrated. I  usually like to use this oil after I wash my face in the morning. It's all I wear throughout the day and I can literally skip the makeup.   Also, Jojoba with Helichrysum and lavendar which brightens my skin complexion and really helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles.  Both oils are very light and light scented. The Body Oil Rose Trio is my go to for after a hot shower or bath. This oil is light and fast absorbing and also makes my skin radiate. The smell is also light but divine. (Side Note: This oil can also help open the heart chakra)


The roll on oils have been a great addition too. The Be Well roll on oil is something I have been using since the day I received it in mail. Which was several months ago! Just one roll a night helps to boost your immune system! So, every night I roll it on the bottom of my feet( specifically my soles) in hopes I won't catch whatever bug or flu is going around. So Far, so good! And Breathe Calm Energy with Hawaiian Sandalwood, it's great for those days when you find everyone and everything so annoying and you feel like you're losing your mind. Just a couple rolls and deep breaths till you reach calm.

Sof Natural is doing great things with ingredients and all the love they put into their products. To learn more about their products and purchase some for yourself please visit





  Spring is finally here and so is our list of favorite drugstore beauty finds! We've tried and tested everything from makeup to vitamins to bring you the best and must-have products of the season. The best part is everything is under $20!!  



1. Olay Duo Soap

This 30x use cleanser is innovative and fantastic. One side gently exfoliates and the other cleanses and nourishes. My skin is left baby soft and smells great. $9.99



2. Nature's Bounty Hair Skin and Nails Gummies

Beauty starts from within and that means whatever goes in will affect what comes out. I've taken a pill form of bio 10 and the taste and the mere fact of swallowing a pill turn me off, but now I gladly will chew on this sweet treat. $7.32



3. Maybelline Volum' Express The Colossal Big Shot Mascara

This has become my go-to mascara! It never gets clumpy and it really builds and separates my lashes. $8.49



4. L'Oréal Nude + Pop Balm

 This balm keeps my lips hydrated all day and the sheer color and tint is the perfect for daytime and even over lipstick at night. $3.99




5. Revlon ColorStay Creme Gel Eyeliner

 This gel liner application is smooth and versatile. Whether you want a sharp clean line or smudged out for smokey look. $6.59



6. John Frieda Luminous Glaze

Not just for color or highlighted hair. You simply use it after shampooing and conditioning and your hair is glossy for days. One of my favorite products $9.99



7. John Frieda Frizz Ease 10 Day Tamer

This pre-shower treatment really delivers. I use this once a week and my hair is smooth, manageable, frizz free and my hair won't tangle. $12.99



8. Nip+Fab No Needle Fix Serum

When the unfortunate appearance of fine lines peeks through there's no need to spend money on fillers. This serum moisturises and plumps skin perfectly without the prick of needles. $19.99


9. Hydro Boost Hydrating Lip Treatment

This Hydro Boost Lip Treatment is everything!! 
Thanks to the special ingredient Hyaluronic Acid this product helps to give your lips intense conditioning while locking in hydration to improve the texture. Your lips will be instantly plump, nourished, and smooth all day long. Great for a long flight, extra dry conditions or just everyday use. $9.99



10. Evian Spray Brumisateur Natural Mineral Water

A natural spring water hydrating spray that tones and refreshes your skin all day long. There are multiple uses for this product. You can spray it lightly over makeup to revive color. It can also help remove impurities from your skin. Great for all skin types. $9.99



   Bridal makeup is all about the bride. Helping the bride and her tribe feel gorgeous isn't just about applying great makeup it is equal parts incorporating their personal style. When you get a bride like Katie, who is not only a makeup artist as well but also has impeccable style, well the pressure is on. I was able to talk to Katie and the cast to get a developed vision of each girl's desired look. 
If I had to label the look for the bride & bridal party, I would say the cohesive theme was modern, polished elegance. Think red carpet ready, with fresh skin, fluffy lashes and a defined brow. The lips were like different shades of roses, all opaque lush & glossy colors ranging from Katie's natural plum to Stassi's pinky nude. 
I used Clarifying Hydration Dew by Hello Aglow on all the girls whose skin needed a light mist of oil controlling hydration. On the girls who had dryer skin, I used Jurlique Rose Water balancing mist. I then applied a light layer of MAC cosmetics Oil Control Lotion over the T zone. As a primer and sun protection, I applied a light layer of Hour Glass Veil over the entire face, this product gives a beautiful glow to the skin. It evens out imperfections while protecting the skin from the sun and keeping the foundation in place. I used a combination of Christian Dior Airbrush foundation and Sephora brand airbrush foundation, they both last all day, are water resistant and photography beautifully. My team and I wanted to incorporate the warm late summer colors into the makeup vision so we used a collection of golds, rich plums, shimmery taupe shades, sparkling browns, soft satin creams and petal pinks from MAC Cosmetics, OCC & Kylie Cosmetics. 
Christian Dior eye pencil and Glossier boy brow was used on every girl to create a bold gorgeous fluffy defined brow. 
We used Glossier Cheek Colored Creams for a soft deposit of natural glowy cheeks. Highlighter from Lime Crime was used very softly to pull out the bone structure and enhance the glow effect. Chanel Cream Bronzer & Luna Bronzer was mixed on a palate used to create depth and give a gorgeous natural tan look to the summer bride and her tribe. 
Every wedding has tears so it's important to use waterproof mascara, we chose to apply a liberal amount of Too Faced Cosmetics, Better Than Sex Mascara in black waterproof. This was paired with bold ultra-fluffy lashes from Egyptian Queen lashes. The combo created enhanced beauty but still natural. 
On lips, we used Fresh Cosmetics for the base color to hydrate and plump the lips up, in Sugar Bloom Tinted Lip. Katie had Whirl Lip Liner from MAC applied on top of the Lip color so it didn't pull away for the natural lip look. We finished her lips with a small drop of lip gloss by Buxom Cosmetics in color suitably named, Katie....of course! 
We used a range of Buxom Glosses for the other girls and mixed in Too Faced Extreme Plumper to bring color and shape to the surface of the lip. 
To finish every girl, we set their makeup with 24-hour setting spray from Urban Decay. 
The girls looked amazing and were a dream to work on. 
Makeup by: Edin Carpenter Makeup (E.C.M.A) and Team

Photographed by Gina & Ryan Photography








This post is sponsored by Universal Pictures' Fifty Shades Darker.

This post is sponsored by Universal Pictures' Fifty Shades Darker.


    If you've seen the trailer for Fifty Shades Darker then you’re probably just as obsessed as we are with Anastasia's look from the infamous Masquerade Ball! Everything from her gorgeous sleek silver gown to her feather caplet makes us swoon. This look can and should be recreated for Valentine’s Day, prom or even the next wedding you attend. I loved it so much that I recreated it for the Fifty Shades Darker premiere! Pucker & Pout scoured high and low to compile everything you need to look as ravishing as Ana.





  1. Missing in Action Lace Bodysuit
  2. Gold Leaf Mesh Lingerie Set

You can also get a better look at Ana's ensemble from the masquerade ball with this VR 360 experience by clicking HERE!


Don't forget to catch Fifty shades Darker in theatres tomorrow February 10th.


This post is sponsored by Universal Pictures' Fifty Shades Darker

This post is sponsored by Universal Pictures' Fifty Shades Darker


     No matter if it's a date night or a girls night out, every lady likes to look their best.  And a red lip is a surefire way to stand out and make a woman feel sexy and confident. All it takes is sweeping on a fierce red lipstick, but that perfect shade can be hard to find. 

 Anastasia Steele from Fifty Shades Darker has capitalized on effortless beauty with her sleek chocolate locks, fresh face and statement red lipstick. If you want to "Steele" Anastasia's red lips, follow this easy guide to finding your perfect shade of red.


  Finding your shade of red begins with determining whether your skin has warm or cool undertones.

    1. When you look at the inside of your wrists do your veins appear to be blue or slightly more green? If blue, your skin may have cooler tones. If green, warmer tones.

     2. When you wear orange or yellow do you looked dull and washed out? Or do you look glowy? If you look dull, then cooler tones. If you glow, then warmer tones.

     3. When you're in the sun do you tan easily and look bronzed? Or do you burn and pull red (like you look flushed)? If you tan easily, then warm tones. If you turn red or burn easily, cooler tones.

By now you should have determined if you have warm or cool undertones. If you fall somewhere in the middle of these steps then you have neutral tones, which is awesome! That means you can pull off both warm and cool tones of red. 


If you have warm undertones:

  • A shade of red lipstick with yellow or orange undertones would be great option for a bright red lip
  • If you prefer a darker shade of red look for a red lipstick that has brown undertones.




If you have cool undertones:

  • Look for a red lip that has a blue undertone to it.
  • For a darker shade look for a more purple undertone.

MAYBELLINE - Red Revival


Don't be afraid to test and try!


Katie is wearing Tango By Sisley


Don't be afraid to test and try!

On February 10th, Fifty Shades is turning a shade Darker. Now that you’ve found your perfect color, grab your girls (or your dude) and be sure to catch FIFTY SHADES DARKER in theatres. 




   If one of your resolutions is to eat healthier and possibly even gluten free, then my good friend Jack Guy's gluten free crepes recipe is the best of both worlds. For the times you can't decide what to make for breakfast it doesn't get much easier than these delicious crepes folks.  It makes for a great treat in the morning, noon, and at night!



Jack Guy’s Organic Gluten Free Crepes (filled with raw sprouted almond butter)


3 large organic eggs
1 cup of organic coconut milk (without sweeteners or thickeners)
2 tablespoons of melted ghee
1 cup of tapioca flour


Mix ingredients thoroughly with a good mixer
Whip eggs first, then with coconut milk, then ghee and last tapioca flour
Preheat pan on medium heat with enough ghee to coat the pan evenly
Pour mix into center of pan until it touches the edges of the pan
Wait until it is almost cooked through. At this point, the crepe should slide freely in the pan. If not it’s not ready to flip.
If it browns too quickly before it is cooked through then turn down the temperature.
Once it is ready to flip the crepe. You should be able to do this with a quick snap of the wrist. Use a spatula if necessary but it is harder to flip evenly with a spatula than it is with a quick toss.
Opposite side will take much less time to cook.
Lightly brown the opposite side and then slide it off the pan onto a plate.
Spread raw sprouted almond butter in a stripe down the middle and then roll the crepe.
You can also fill with fruit or anything else you feel like.


Thanks for sharing your recipe with us Jack guy!