ESSIE Chinchilly on pedicure  

ESSIE Chinchilly on pedicure


    It's never too early to start thinking about summer looks. We're over daydreaming about tropical vacations, what we're going to pack and of course our favorite summer nail polish. We've put together a list of all our favorite nail polish colors to get you in the mood for summer.


Deborah Lippmann
Pink Cadillac $18.00


Yves Saint Laurent 'La Laque Couture' Nail Lacquer
 Blanc Arty  $28.00


Lady Like $9.00



Deborah Lippmann
Get Lucky, $20.00


  Achieving a flawless face begins before you apply any makeup. It's important to prep your skin so it's a nice smooth canvas, and will ensure makeup application is easy and fool proof. I know when I want to have what I call "a good face day" it begins in the shower.
Here is my step-by-step for prepping my skin for makeup.


1. Cleanse.

It's imperative that you wash away any dirt, makeup residue and unnatural oils left on your skin. I love Sunday Rileys Ceramic Slip. It's gentle but deep cleansing. The French green clay works into the pores and also tightens the skin.
It is also important to survey your skin and frequently exfoliate. About 2-3 times per week. Makeup will look uneven and cakey on dry and flakey skin. I use Tarte FRXXXTION stick and Tatcha Polished. Both are gentle but remove debris leaving your skin baby soft.



2. Tone
Toning is essential in skin care regimen. It helps remove residue left on the skin, restores pH, improves skin tone and texture. I love  Dickinson's Witch Hazel because it doesn't dry out my skin and gets deep into my pores. It also helps clear up any blemishes. I also love Sunday Rileys Martian Melting Gel-water toner. I have combination skin and this really helps mattify my skin.


3. Serum.
While serums aren't entirely necessary they are fantastic for pore targeting. As a general rule in skin care, you want to apply the lightest products. The products absorb into the skin and will help improve complexion. Especially if you have pore problems like myself. It's also important to treat pores prior to applying moisturizer and makeup, as those products will settle into pores causing breakouts and other not so pretty problems. SKINMISO Pore Corset Serum is one of my favorites.


4. Moisturizer/Eye Cream.
Now that I have treated my skin I can moisturize and apply eye cream. I love Tatcha Balanced Pore Perfecting Water Gel Moisturizer because it's light weight and absorbs into my skin without leaving a film or residue behind that cream moisturizers can often do.
I know some people think that eye creams are for old ladies but there are a million benefits for using eye cream at a young age. It's preventative and depicts and makes eyes appear brighter.  Benefit's It's Potent eye cream is a great option.


5. Oil.
While oil doesn't penetrate skin completely it has some incredible benefits. Plumping, brightening, super hydrating and anti-aging. I like to applying minimally to my dryer areas. Alcones Limelight One Drop Wonder is fantastic.


6. Primer.
This step it critical for a pre-makeup application. It makes makeup application flawless and acts as a magnet to hold the base of your foundation and concealer, making it last all day. I like to mix up my primers but my go to is the Smashbox Photo Finish.

While everyone's skin is different, this step by step is pretty universal. Just make sure you use the products best designed for your skin type.


Photo by J. Hoffner

Photo by J. Hoffner


   Every great hairstyle starts in the shower.  It also helps if you have a brilliant hairstylist. Lucky for us our favorite hair stylist Chase kusero has come up with a line of products that help you to obtain sexy hair without having to take a trip the salon. This new hair brand called IGK was created by a trio of Rockstar stylists from Los Angeles, New York, and Miami.

   Each product not only represents one of the cities with its own signature scents but It also represents the styles of the women from each city. The scents are described as New York is sophisticated and LA is fresh, but Miami wins for best fragrance. It's true. The Hot Girls shampoo and conditioner is my favorite! It smells like delicious coconut mixed with a tropical cocktail and the best part is the scent doesn't leave your hair for days after washing. And the after look? You're left with lustrous, shiny, and strong hair.  What can be sexier than that? Since summer is basically here and you'll be spending most of your time in a swimming pool or the ocean, this is the perfect shampoo and conditioner to protect and hydrate your hair. 

Check out the entire collection of IGK products now available at