Maintaining a glowing complexion is a year round commitment. Just as the seasons transition and the temperature drops your beauty routine must also change. With the cool and crisp weather approaching, maintaining a glow can be difficult. But Instead of a summer sun kissed glow you’ll want a frost kissed glow for the colder seasons. Rosy flushed cheeks and slight shimmer is just what you need to enhance a tan-less face. 

To achieve the perfect fall glow I chose one of my favorite products, the Posie Tint from benefit. It is a perfect shade of pink and blends so nicely.

1. First, Simply dab along your cheeks, and with the pads of your fingers blend back towards your cheeks. The idea is to create a flushed color rather than a color contour. 

2. Then I like to take my Watts Up highlighter and apply on the top of the cheekbones and the bridge of the nose. 

3. Again with your fingers blend the highlighter thoroughly. 

4. Finish it off by applying a small amount of highlighter with you finger to the Cupid’s bow and the inner corner of each eye.