It may seem like a no brainer to wash your make up brushes, but I don’t think the importance of regularly washing your brushes is understood. Even if you don’t use your brushes every day, weekly cleaning will not only make for better use but your brush’s will last longer. There are daily cleansers available that you simply spritz onto your brush after every use. At least once a week you should give them a deeper clean to wash out residual make up, oils and even bacteria. You will not only notice a huge difference in your brushes the next time you use them, you will be happy you did it!


To begin you will need a gentle shampoo or brush cleaner and a glass of water along with a cloth or paper towel. 

Start by wetting the bristles to rinse out any residual make up. Don’t drown your brush or you will loosen the glue, which will cause the bristles to fall out.

Next in the palm of your hand add a tiny amount of cleanser. Gently swirl the bristles to work up a little lather. Dip the bristle into water to rinse the cleanser. I suggest repeating this step to ensure nothing is trapped in the bristles.

 After rinsing, gently press bristles, reshape and lay flat to dry on a towel.