I realize this trend my be lost on many because why would you only wear ONE earring? It’s basically playing on an old punk rock trend and making it something fresh and edgy. There are so many ways to style this look and the best part is that now you can put all your orphaned earrings back to use. after all, you only need one.

From a variety of chains, tassel drops,  cluster studs,  and ear cuffs, there is something that suits every style. If you don’t feel confident having only one earing, simply wear a stud on one ear and a statement earing on the other. That way you arent sporting a bare ear hole. Don’t be alarmed if people try and inform you that you lost an earring all day and night. When they realize you did it on purpose they will praise your style. Bauble Bar has some amazing costume jewelry that is all super affordable.

Check out my favorites  below and on


Chained Fan Drops $28

Hermes Ear Cuff $28

Chained Fan Drops $28

Cosmic Dust Aztec Drops $32

Chanterelle Tassel Drops $32

Fringe Quartz Drops $32

Star Girl Ear Adornment Set $38

Pheonix Wing Ear Cuff $28