Obviously, I just love a beautiful braided hairstyle. This particular style is similar to the last braid tutorial but this one calls for 3 braids. This look can be worn for an elegant occasion or even NYE!  You can rough it up for an edgy day-to-day look as well.

Let's get started.

 1. Spray dry shampoo throughout hair for texture.


2. Lightly tease hair at the crown and on the top of your head just to lift the roots and add some volume.

3. Section hair 3 ways. Use a hair tie to secure middle braids.

4. Now create 3 low braids.

5. Once braids are complete gently pull and loosen braids. Creating fatter, messier braids make the end result that much better.

6. This step isn't so exact. Essentially you want to twist and wrap each braid almost intertwining them. As you wrap and twist secure with a bobby pin as you go!

7. You can pull out some lose strands around your face.




Special thanks to our model Desiree Anderson of