Nothing proclaims chic quite like healthy, shiny hair. There’s a common misconception that beautiful hair is an anamoly reserved for the fortunate. And while healthy hair essentially begins with a healthy diet, I’ve come up with a quick and low-cost cheat for you to achieve shiny and sleek.

After showering, I towel-dry my hair until it's about 60% dry. This way, I can work products into my hair easily while the wetness allows for better absorption.



 I spritz John Frieda's 3-Day Straight spray onto my damp hair and then comb through, distributing evenly through every strand. This product prevents heat damage and works as an aide to transform from curly/wavy to straight, so it’s important to not just let this air dry.



I immediately follow with a blow dryer, combing straight down until completely dry. I absolutely love how simple and effective this product is, and it even keeps my hair straight for 3 days! (Which is great, since washing hair everyday can lead to dryness and split ends.)



Once that’s all done, I spray a generous amount of Straight Sexy Hair Smooth & Seal spray through my hair. This spray helps with the over-all look, creating that ever-desired, strikingly rich shine and gloss. Additionally, it protects against heat damage from flat irons.



Finally, work your way through with a flat iron, smoothing your hair until you’ve reached your desired style.



Ta-da! You’ve now been Aniston’d!



Both of these products can be purchased at Target or Wal-Mart.






Photographed by Jennifer Biswas