One of the many Clichés here in Los Angeles is that everyone  juices. There is quite a bit of truth to this, after all juice bars are almost as common as Coffee Bean or Starbucks here. In fact, you can find a juice bar pretty much on every block. I have to say that it is really gratifying to put something healthy into your body. Some flavors can be debatable but in time you acquire the taste. Luckily most of these juices are crafted to be so delicious you forget you are drinking kale and Ginger.


Earth Bar is one of my most treasured juice joints. Not only do the have a wide variety of fresh squeezed juices, smoothies and wellness shots (the hangover shot is magic) they even have a selection of healthy delicious food.

It's not just a juice bar! Earth Bar has an entire section devoted to health and wellness full of vitamins and supplements.



Today I picked up one of my favorite smoothies "Coconut Bliss" so refreshing! The ingredients are Coconut meat, Agave, and Coconut milk. 

If there is not earth bar near you I  a highly encourage you to seek out a juice bar near you or look up some simple at home recipes. Your body will thank you!


Earth Bar is located at 8365 Santa Monica Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90069