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   With St Patrick’s Day just around the corner I’ve been trying to nail down my plans. Beyond deciding where I choose to drink green beer and throw back some car bombs, I also have to make sure I find a way to incorporate some green into my wardrobe. The easiest and cutest idea was to give myself a little leprechaun manicure. Now I can avoid those pinches!

With so many options to chose from I settled on the China Glaze for my nails. Which green polish color will you choose for your St. Patty’s day manicure?


1.  O.P.I Nail Lacquer - Green-Wich Village

2. ESSIE Nail Polish - Shake Your $$ Maker

3.  American Apparel - Green

4.  China Glaze - GaGa For Green


Photographed by Jennifer Biswas