Like finding the perfect fitting pair of jeans, finding the perfect shampoo can be a fruitless endeavor. The trial and error process is necessary yet exhausting. The bottom line is our hair falls into a few seemingly helpless categories- flat, desperate need of body, damaged from chemicals and styling, dry and or brittle and consisting of poodle worthy frizz.

First things first, I recommend alternating at least 2 shampoos. For example, I have dry coarse hair as well as frizzy hair. To handle that I have an ultra hydrating, keratin complex shampoo that deep moisturizers my strands, which I use 2 times a week. I alternate that shampoo with a smoothing shampoo to help relax my hair, making it shiny and smooth. Your hair can build a tolerance to your shampoo significantly reducing the over all result. Remember that you don’t have to coordinate your shampoo and conditioner. Rather, find 2 that compliment one another to meet your needs. Also, remember that you can use after shampoo products to help achieve optimal results every time you shampoo.

When choosing your shampoo ALWAYS pay attention to the ingredients. Sulfate and paraben free shampoos are going to be the best choices as they offer the safest and most effective cleansers. You should also look for particular ingredients such as proteins like keratin that help strengthen and protect from styling. Shampoos that contain argon or Moroccan oil are going to add extra and longer lasting moisture to hair.

The point of shampooing is to wash out any lingering products and repair your locks rather than damage them.

Here are my top picks for the best shampoos that cover every category: curly hair, colored hair, dry hair, damaged hair, thin and flat hair.


1. Giovanni 2 Chic Ultra- Sleek Shampoo

2. Karastase Resistance Volumizing Shampoo

3. LO’REAL Ever Pure Sulfate Free Volumizing Shampoo

4. Neutrogena Triple Repair Shampoo

5. Keratin Complex Keratin Color Complex Shampoo

6. Alterna Caviar Anti Aging Replenishing Moisture Shampoo

7. Living Proof Restore Shampoo