The phrase, "A little bit goes a long way," isn't just something your mom told you, to keep you from looking like a hooker. It's simply just one of the bits of advise we don't take seriously from her them until we're old enough to realize they were right all along.

Obviously I love make up and experimenting with new looks. I'm always trying to find the most efficient way to accent my eyes and make them pop without having to pile on the makeup.

Urban Decay recently came out with a palette appropriately named "Naked," complete with all the basic and most necessary, barely there eye shadows. I've tried multiple combinations from the palette to create the perfectly perfect natural look, and here's my favorite look.

Begin by applying Venus just on your brow bone, sparingly with light brush strokes.

Next, apply Foxy from the lash line up into the brow bone. Avoid heavily blending into the brow bone- you just want to cover the majority of your lid with this color.

Now sweep on Naked 2, covering mostly just the lid, diffusing lightly into your crease.

It's time to subtly accent the corner and crease of your eyes. Use Faint with a pencil brush, using slight pressure following the outer leash line and crease of your eye. Using short, curvaceous brush strokes, keep blending out the outer corner and crease of your eyes.

To add definition to your lash line, use an angle brush along with the Crave shade. Build a line from the inner corner towards the outer corner, making the line bolder as you go. Once completed, use your pencil brush again to blend the line.

To complete the look, take a clean blending brush and using light pressure, blend the entire lid to eliminate patterned brush strokes.

You can alter this look to suit your own natural features. The idea is to simply add some slight contrast and detail to your already beautifully shaped eyes- without the "make up" look. This look is ideal for daytime/everyday, and can be amped up by applying a bold lip or by adding more drama to the eyes and applying liner to the lower lash water line.