Some of you may be familiar with airbrush make up. It’s a process of applying make up in a mist form to get a perfectly covered "airbrushed" finish. In theory this is genius and who wouldn't want to get that air brushed look, but lets be real. This would require shelling out cash for the machine as well as the appropriate product, and then perfecting the skill of applying. No thank you!

 That brings me to my newest make up obsession that I'm positive is the future of make up, foundation in an aerosol can! Not only is the makeup formulated differently than regular liquid foundation but also the application is so simple. The make up itself does have plenty of pigment so it will certainly offer coverage. My favorite part is that it really goes on smoother and more evenly.

 My personal favorite is Diorskin AIRFLASH, and while it is more costly ($62) I find it worth the extra bucks. MAC and Sally Hansen both supply their own versions, which are great and can suit any budget.

 Tips for application:

It is designed so that you just simply give it a good shake and spray directly onto your face, and blend with a brush or even your fingertips. You can also spray onto a brush and then apply. I prefer spraying it onto the back of my hand. This allows me to control how much I want to wear and where I want to apply. The results are all the same. It's light weight full coverage that I thought I could only dream of!