Let's take a minute and talk about the most important hair on our bodies, our lashes. These hairs are fine and fragile and should not be neglected. Eyelashes frame our most important facial feature and we must care for them in order for them to grow long and luscious. We dress them up by curling and loading on mascara but this behavior takes a toll. The first and most important thing you should always do is thoroughly remove make from your eyes. Not doing this results in build up around the lash line, clogging the follicles and drying out the lashes leading to growth stint and breakage.

That's the first step but doesn't end there. Conditioning is the next step. There are multiple lash conditioners out there that feed them proper nourishment. I think lash primers are incredible because they coat and prep the lashes prior to applying mascara. That’s still not enough.

We have mask and heavy conditioners for our face and hair that replenish and the same goes for lashes. I'm sure you've all heard of lash serums that promote health and growth, and it's no gimmick. At night after you wash your face and moisturize you can apply Vaseline to your lash tips with your fingers. This moisturizes the hair. Be careful to not get it too close to the lash line because it will clog.


You can go a step further by creating your own lash conditioner. Combine equal parts olive oil, aloe Vera plus vitamin e, and petroleum jelly. Stir thoroughly and apply to lashes with a clean mascara wand or q-tip. This really gives lash a quenching gulp.

Follow the guided picture steps to do this at home.




Photography by Jennifer Biswas