Photo credit  starpools.com

Photo credit  starpools.com

   Steam rooms are customary in many gyms and spas. I'm sure many of you frequent them as a formality or plain curiosity. While many of you may understand the purpose, there's plenty more to understand. If you have never spent any time in a steam room, i'm here to encourage and entice your curiosity further.

There are multiple benefits to steaming it up. The first and most common use is to help relax and recover your joints and muscles, especially after a workout. The heat and steam produced helps relax muscles and joints leading to a quicker recovery.

Steam also helps draw out toxins and boosts metabolism. The temperature and steam penetrate your body causing you to sweat and accelerating the detox process. Often when I feel an illness creeping in I will visit a steam room to sweat out any invading organisms.Steaming is great for your cardiovascular health too. It increases blood flow and circulation. Your heart rate rises but blood pressure remain the same level. The heat causes blood vessels to expand allowing blood to flow smoother.

Because of the detox effect the beauty benefits are large. The steam is very cleansing and draws out impurities and residue in your skin and pores. The hydration factor during steaming helps revive the complexion. In saying that, it is important to drink plenty of water beforehand. Steaming is also great for reducing cellulite and even produces collagen.
Theses are some of the most poignant bullet points of the benefits but not limited to going full steam ahead.