Each time I’m flipping through a magazine and I see an ad for a new cosmetic, hair, or beauty line I get ecstatic! I immediately feel the need to go purchase it and try it out. This time a new nail polish collection from REVLON that is a scented nail lacquer immediately caught my eye. SCENTED NAIL POLISH!

I was taken right back to my pre pubescent years when strawberry shortcake had a strawberry scented polish. I remembered its delicious scent but that it also peeled off immediately. Now can you imagine my excitement as an adult stumbling upon this discovery? I went to CVS fingers crossed the entire way that they had it on their shelves. I b-lined to the nail isle and there it was! I spent about 20 minutes picking out a color, there were so many to choose from! I narrowed my selection down to Lavender Soap and Wild Violet, both priced reasonably at $6.

I was so curious about the two different scents that I ended up applying both colors on my nails. Once they began to dry I could smell just how beautiful the scents really were. Just like perfume! I opted out of putting a topcoat on, as I figured it would ruin the integrity of the polish. The real test would be to see how it would wear. After 2 days, 2 showers, and multiple hand washes, the scent was still lingering on my fingertips! Naturally, there were a couple of nicks and chips but to curb that I simply swept on a thin layer, which revamped the look and scent.

Revlon scented nail polish sure made a fan out of me. I HIGHLY recommend you go out and get yourself a bottle or 2 and try it out!

Available at CVS, RITE-AID, and most drugstores.

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All photos by Jen Biswas