I have always been a fan of a dramatic eye, and one of the best and most time efficient ways to achieve eye drama is eyeliner. With a steady hand, and some practice, lining your eyes will come as natural as crossing T’s and dotting I’s.

My favorite lined look is the timeless cat eye and pulling off this sultry flirty look is effortless. Just like shoes, I using different products almost daily to accommodate my mood and style for the day. I have compiled 4 variations using 4 liners and breaking each one down for you.

BLURRED LINESThis first look I used L’OREAL Silkissime pencil in black. This pencil is amazing because it goes on so smooth and its the blackest black. You don’t need to layer it to get a dark bold line.

1. I began with  the outer corner of my eye building a thick line. I tapered the line as I worked toward the inside corner.

2. Once I built a graduating line, I took my Revlon double sided eye brush. Using the blending end I began making light feather strokes along the outside of the line. Stroking outwards and upwards I was “blurring” the line. The goal is to create a smokey look. Make sure you really focus on the outside corners creating a thick winged design. Do not apply to much pressure and take your time.

CLASSIC: This look really is the simplest version of the cat eye. I used Maybelline Line Stiletto liquid liner in Brownish Black. I begin by holding the tip of the applicator horizontally parallel to my lash line. Press the tip into the inner most corner of the lash line and steadily stroke outwards. When you reach the middle of the lash line gradually build the line. At the outmost corner point the tip downwards, press and flick at a diagonal. Make corrections and fill in gaps. Don’t panic if you make a mistake. You can always moisten a q-tip and gently clean up the edges of the line.

ACCENT:  I love to add a little pop of color the accent my eye color. I have brownish/hazel eyes so I often use green or purple for this. Adding to my classic cat eye look I chose to use Smashbox Cream Eyeliner in Midnight Green. Using the diagonal end of my Revlon double sided eye brush. I covered the entire tip of the brush in the eyeliner and began at the inner corner of my eye. Whenever you choose to line your bottom line, always keep as close to the lash line as possible. Working the liner into the bottom line outwards. I used my finger tip to blend the liner and smudge it a little more in the outer corners. Cream eye liner is great for color accents, but I do suggest using a primer to prevent creasing.


BOLD:  I really love the look of a dramatic thick line. For this I use Cailyn gel eyeliner in black. Gel eyeliner works best since it is thick and long lasting without smudging or running. I began again in the outer corner establishing the thick wing. I recommend using long straight strokes. Gel liner dries quickly so you want to make sure you get an even line. Always start this line closest to your lash line and build outwards. You can go as thick as you want. Just remember to keep both eyes even.

Special thanks to Stephanie Corneliussen for the photos and graphics