Flat irons aren’t just for creating a sleek straight look. They actually offer more versatility than most of us realize.

The trick for creating different hair styles lay all in your wrist…

An important thing to keep in mind when using heat style is to prep your hair with a heat protector to maintain the health of your hair. I also strongly recommend splurging a bit for a solid and quality flat iron. A personal favorite of mine is the tourmaline ceramic iron. Not only is it gentle, it also works efficiently.

 Let’s start with the basic straightening technique. Take 1 inch sections of hair and comb through to separate the strands. Start with the iron as close to the base of your head as possible. Clamp the iron close, apply moderate pressure, and in one fluid motion pull the iron down the hair past the tips. Comb through the section of hair once more and repeat. Continue this around until you’ve reached the desired look. If you want a super straight style, you might need to run to the iron over your sectioned pieces several times until your hair is completely flat. If you want a smooth but not slick-straight look, don’t apply pressure on your clamp. Lightly run the iron throughout sectioned pieces simply smoothing the hair.

 Did you know you can create amazing volume and curls with a flat iron? YEP, IT’S TRUE! It might take a bit of practice, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll never use a curling iron again. Similar to straightening hair, take 1 inch sections, and comb through. You want to position the iron about 1-2 inches from your scalp, holding the iron like a torch. Clamp down on the hair and begin to slowly BUT in a fluid motion, twist your wrist AWAY from your face towards your back as you pull all the way to the tips. Once you’ve curled all the hair, flip your head up side down and gently tousle with your fingers. Flip your head back up and tousle some more. Add a little hold spray and you’re ready!


    Not all of us are blessed with those sexy beachy waves that bend in ways that make for a perfect bed head. Once again, you’re going to take 1 inch sections and comb through. Hold the iron in the same position as you would to straighten the hair about an inch from the scalp. Clamp down and with the same fluid motion begin pulling, this time you’re going to make half rotations in alternating directions as you run down. Think of it as making an exaggerated knocking motion with your wrist. You’ll see a ripple shape once you reach the tips. After you’ve rippled your way around your head, gently run your fingers through your hair. I like to added a little surf spray (sea salt) for texture. Bumble and Bumble is a wonderful option.

   There you have it! 3 amazing looks, one iron. This skill helps to eliminate those tangled cords from having 4 different irons in your drawer. Not to mention, all that extra room in your suitcase when traveling!


Graphics by Stephanie Corneliussen