Few things are more thrilling than the feeling that ensues when debuting your new slick heels on a night out… only to discover they’ve got a wear time of about twenty minutes. They’re either too tight, cutting off circulation, or too big, causing your foot to slide up and crunch your toes. After championing your way through the night, you come home and heartbreakingly fling them to the back of your closet, knowing their fate has been decided… or has it? Well, it’s time to pull out those heels and let them see the light of day! I’ve got two no-cost, at-home remedies to keep your heels on your feet and out of that closet!

If your heels are too snug: Grab a sock thicker than a typical dress sock but thinner than a wool ski sock, like a sport or soft fuzzy sock. Pull them on and squeeze your way into those heels. Next, grab a hair dryer and set it on high heat. Run the dryer around each foot about a minute each ‘til you feel them warming up. The heat allows the material of the shoe to stretch and mold to your foot. After you’ve warmed up each foot, walk around in the shoes until they’ve cooled down. Now take the socks off and put your shoes back on. You should feel a major difference!

If your heels are too big / hurt the balls of your feet: My friends think I’m crazy for this, but you can’t knock it till you try it. Take a regular/standard maxi pad, peel off the adhesive backing, and place it at the back of the heel. This will help the shoe fit snugger and offer extra support and cushion.



Photographed by Jennifer Biswas