Applying false eye lashes doesn’t need to be the daunting or impossible task as so many women know it to be. I prefer these Kiss cluster lashes because unlike the strips they are so easy to apply and less likely to run into the same road blocks. They come in 3 different sizes so you can really customize your own look. You can apply them across you entire lash line, or just accent with some flare on the corners of your eyes. You can even layer them for thick dramatic lashes.

Once I complete my eye make-up, including mascara, I squeeze a small amount of eye lash glue into the pocket and let it sit for a couple mins. Important to remember rule #1, you must allow the glue to set before applying the lashes. The tacky consistency will adhere to your lashes quicker eliminating the chance of smearing and lashes will sit in the correct place.

I start at the outside corner with the longest size. I pluck the cluster with tweezers and gently dip the end into the glue.I then lightly blow on the cluster giving the glue time to set up some more.

I close my eye half way and carefully place the cluster onto my lashes at my lash line. It’s really important to not stick it above the lash line on your skin.

Once I have placed the cluster, I gently begin adjusting it with the point of my tweezers and with my finger to help position it correctly.

I repeat this step moving towards the inner corner of my eye. Once I reach the center of my lash line I switch to the medium length cluster. I typically use 2 long clusters and 2 medium clusters on each eye for a simple basic look.

Another good tip is to try and back away a little from you mirror so you can see where you  need to add and place each cluster as you go. These are honestly fool proof because you can just fill in the gaps with another cluster.


I finish the look bad sweeping on a thin layer of mascara to mix my lashes between with the false ones so the look is more natural. Just remember patience is key, until you become more affluent make sure you allow plenty of time, rather than 5 minutes before rushing out the door.

Photographed by Jennifer Biswas