Last night I had the honor and privilege of attending the legendary Betsey Johnson’s fashion show at LAFW. It was everything I had hoped for and more. For many years I have been a fan of Betsey’s line and quirkiness, so I felt like I had a solid handle on what to expect based on my knowledge of her design and antics. Not only did she deliver a fun energetic display on the runway, but also I found myself drooling over pretty much her entire collection.

  The colors were so vibrant and the sequins shined like the sun. Her collection embodies the perfect amount of flare, sexy and attitude that would make any girl swoon. I myself would never have thought of pairing a sequined mini with a pair of colorful thigh high socks, but leave it to Betsey to execute that look flawlessly. Particularly, I couldn’t help but lust after her many floor length vests and jackets that ranged in fabric of bright green snake skinned chiffon to cozy-assumingly faux fur? -Leopard coat! AHHHHH!  By the way, I suppose I should give a disclaimer about my affinity with leopard print. It’s innate! If it were a color it would be my favorite. 

  Any who, back to last night! 

   My accomplice for the evening was Pucker & Pouts own Co-Founder/Co-Editor/Creative Director/All around awesome and a dear close friend, Jennifer Biswas. We settled in by doing a lap around the venue checking out the sponsors and grabbing a cocktail. Fortunately, we were able to score some back stage wristbands and meet the legend herself! I must say the back stage portion is exactly what you would picture; hectic, models dressing and undressing, hair and make up artists doing touching ups, show producers stressed beyond themselves, and a bunch of other people doing god knows what!

   I had the pleasure of meeting a supreme fellow by the name Brandon who has worked alongside Betsey for over a decade and was gracious enough to introduce us. Betsey is 100% amazingly fabulous as one could expect. She was humbly nervous yet still exuded immense confidence and energy that is palpable. As our time was short, being her show was moments for starting, it will be a treasured moment.

   I had a very difficult time narrowing down my favorite looks, so for your viewing pleasure here are my highlights! ENJOY! xoxo