Lip Gloss– Smith’s Minted Rose Lip Balm: “I don’t ever wear lip gloss unless I’m shooting. I prefer the natural look of naked lips, but am very OCD about moisturizing, so I love, love, love lip balms. This one is my favorite. I love the smooth texture and the minty smell.”

Moisturizer– Shea Terra Organics: “My boyfriend has really gotten me into organic skincare. I have sensitive skin and I’m prone to breakouts; luckily, the natural ingredients don’t irritate my skin.”

Nail Polish Color– Essie’s Russian Roulette: “Red has always been my go to nail color. I like to try different shades of the color during the seasons, but my favorite is this one with its brightness and orange undertones.”

Cocktail- Bellini: “I’ve always been a margarita type of girl, but lately I’ve been obsessing over Bellini’s. I love anything with a peach flavor, and with the champagne it is such a crisp and flirty drink.”

Flower- White Roses: “I love the simplicity of white flowers, whether they are orchids, roses or tulips. Nothing too fancy, just elegant and chic.”

Pet- My Yorkie-Shitzu Zoe: “My little muffin is a New York city girl now. She’s just the most delicious little dog.” 

Top 3 Favorite Shows- “Game of Thrones, Say Yes to the Dress, Sex and the City: I’ve just become completely obsessed with Game of Thrones, as there are so many wonderful elements to it. I’m anxiously waiting its return! I love anything pertaining to weddings and fashion, so Say Yes to the Dress is a guilty pleasure, and Sex and the City will just always reign supreme for me. I have it on my TV in the background probably 5 days out of the week. “

Accessory- “My Klaus-Kobec black and rose gold watch: My dad gave me this watch for my college graduation, and I wear it everyday. I love the black and rose gold combination. It’s beautiful on it’s own and also looks fantastic layered with a ton of bracelets.”

Designer“Balmain: There is a certain architectural aesthetic to his clothes, and each collection just oozes opulence. The clothes are daring yet still incredibly refined. I’m always in awe that such edgy eye-catching clothes can still look so streamlined and elegant.”

Favorite Store- “Zara: I have an obsession and I’m okay with it. My whole wardrobe is Zara.”

Fashion idol- “Olivia Palermo: I am head over heels in love with her wardrobe. I find myself cyber stalking her street style looks on a daily basis. She’s mastered this look that is both quirky and polished at the same time. I love her femininity and daring approach to fashion.”

Graphics by Stephanie Corneliussen