Well today truly feels like a Monday. I just returned from a Vegas weekend and I’m certainly feeling the decompression process. It was so exciting to get out of town for a couple days with good friends and just let loose.  Even though I was only leaving for a few days I had to pack EVERYTHING! Hey, a girl needs options, and then she needs to bring options for her girlfriends, cause that’s just how this stuff works!

I was even more excited to break in my new Caboodle, which is appropriately named “The Weekender”. We all know the name Caboodle, right? Remember the cute little boxes in bright shades that we’d fill with nail polish, lip smackers and whatever makeup our moms would let us get away with at 12 years old? THIS caboodle is for the adult Caboodle Girl! It literally holds EVERYTHING! They way it separates it self into spacious compartments makes everything so accessible and keeps things so organized. I packed mine so full you would have thought there was a bowling ball in it!  It’s really great to have all my makeup and other toiletries that I could possibly need in one place!

I thought I would share a couple pictures from this weekend with you since I am completely drained, and just writing this much has taken me a solid 30 minutes. Hope you all had as much fun as I did this weekend!