I’m sure that by now most of you have heard of contouring. It’s basically creating cheek bones and shading shadows of your face. There are endless variations and tutorials out there of how it’s done, but I want to share a simple way to contour for everyday.

You can use highlighting products, bronzer and blush, but I like using a palette of complimentary colors that blend nicely together. The one I use is by L.A. Colors. It has the 3 basic colors and even a diagram on the back to help you out.


  1. I first apply my foundation with a beauty blender to start with an all over even base.


  1. Using a larger eyeshadow brush, I begin applying to contour. Starting at the top of my ear I build a diagonal line across to hollow of my cheek

  1. I then apply the contour to my temples

  1. With a slightly smaller eyeshadow brush, I apply the highlighter below my eyes above my cheekbones.


5. Next, I apply highlighter from the center of my forehead down the bridge of my nose

  1. I take a blender brush, and using circular motion blend the contour to reduce the appearance of the line


7. Now I apply the blush to the apples of my cheeks sweep back along my cheek bones.

  1. To complete the look, I use a highlighter under my eyes and lightly blend with my finger. This will make your eyes pop!

9)  Last blend well with fingertip and you’re done!


This is a subtle contour that can really make a dramatic difference.

Photographed by Jennifer Biswas