It’s about that time of year when 90% of Los Angeles and thousands of visitors invade Indio, California for the infamous Coachella Music Festival. I don’t know which is more stressful; Christmas shopping or preparing for Coachella. Buying a festival pass is not only pricey, it’s a hell of a thing an easy thing to acquire. I can’t even get started on finding a place to stay. And I don’t care what anyone says, staying in Palm Springs instead of Indio is NOT a good idea. Lastly, prepping your wardrobe requires a level of diligence. First, it’s important to consider weather conditions. You can typically expect blazing hot temps, but I’ve experienced a couple years of wind and rain.

I’m just going to come out and say it; it’s a f*$!ing fashion show on that field. Sure, you can turn up wearing a tank top and some cut-offs, but if you’re like me, that WON’T CUT IT. I’m not going to pretend I don’t thoroughly enjoy putting together my Coachella weekend outfits either. Here are the basics I keep in mind- let’s call it my wardrobe checklist.

  1. Assume it’s going to be hot. Therefore I’m sure to bring plenty of skin baring, light weight, and flowy materials.
  2. Crochet, lace, flower prints, denim shorts, airy dresses, TMG halos, bathing suits, hats, sunglasses-all great key words to keep in mind as you scour your closet.
  3. Comfort is crucial! Flat ankle boots and tennis shoes are totally appropriate. Wedges and heels are a major no-no, since you’ll be on your feet- All. Day. Long. Sandals aren’t completely off limits, but if you’re the type to bury yourself in a crowd, your toes won’t survive.
  4. Jewelry is highly encouraged. What you compromise for comfort can be made up with some jewelry! Stack bracelets on your wrists and have fun layering on necklaces.
  5. Consider creating transitional outfits. This is made so easy by bringing along an easy to carry bag big enough to pack some supplies. If you’re hitting a pool party, bring a change of clothes and pack a light sweater.
  6. Now that you’ve made a pile of options, start piecing together and trying on outfits. Mix and match patterns and fabrics to give these looks your own personal flare. This is your time to be daring and wear that crop top you’ve been dying to flaunt, and even throw on some fringe and feathers!

Happy Coachella 2014!!!

Photographed by Stephanie Corneliussen