Garlic isn’t just a tasty addition to meals. It also aids in strengthening and growing your nails! This may seem like a smelly taboo but this method really works. I saw this on Dr. Oz one day and I had to try it out and the results were incredible!

I don’t know about you but I have paper-thin nails that always break and peel, once they reach a certain length. I’ve tried a variety of polishes that all promise to give you strong and long nails, but my experience has been unsatisfactory, until now.

Here’s what to do.

I use a basic clear polish like this Sally Hansen Hard as Nails, which already has it’s own nail strengthener formula

Next finely chop or press 1 clove of garlic

Before I add the garlic to the polish I drain a small amount out of the bottle as to not overflow.

Using the tip of a knife along with a toothpick I start packing the chopped garlic into the bottle. I use about 90% of the garlic.

Once I have added the garlic I wipe away the excess from the bottle and screw the brush back on.

Now put the bottle away to steep for 7-10 days.

 After allowing it to sit for a few days it’s time to try it out! Apply 2 coats of polish to bare clean nails and let it dry. I will warn you, it doesn’t smell so pretty but once it’s dry, wash your hands and the smell will dissipate.

 Now you are on your way to healthy strong nails!