You might recognize this cute pink egg shaped sponge, but do you know how amazing it is? The answer is, very! I’m only upset that I didn’t know it’s potential sooner! This is the best and only way to apply your makeup foundation. It leaves your skin looking fresh and provides an even complexion as opposed to a caked on look.

This is how simple it is to use a beauty blender.

1. Soak the egg blender with water just as you would a sponge and squeeze out the excess water leaving it dampened

2. Dab foundation on the back of your (clean) hand.

3. Dip the blender into the foundation and begin “bouncing” the blender on your face gently, covering your face completely. Don’t forget to use the pointed end to get into the hard to reach spaces around your eyes and nose

The beauty blender creates that soft almost photo shopped look allowing only just the right amount of foundation on your face.


Photographed by Jennifer Biswas