KATE MOSS by Sante D'Orazio                                                                     KATE MOSS by Sante D’Orazio

Once in awhile I enjoy reveling in alone time. I like to indulge in my “single girl” stuff that I have been robbed of ever since moving in with a boy aka Tom. As much as I love living with him he doesn’t have much appreciation or understanding of why I must spend 45 minutes giving myself a thorough manicure. In my opinion pampering yourself is so crucial to your attitude and mental health. Here are 5 things you can do that will instantly make you feel better and add some pep into your step.

 1. Take a bath- And while you’re at it, shave your legs too! I know this is probably a no brainer to relax but really try to make the most of it. Plan for it and look forward to it. Light your favorite candle and add some bubble bath with lavender or chamomile. I like to catch up on some reading so good book or magazine is a must. Whatever helps you to zone out? Also I wasn’t kidding about shaving your legs, smooth legs definitely make you happy!

2. Re-Vamp your hair- As you may have discovered by now, I love hair masks. I can be hard on my hair and after awhile it begins to lose its life. Bumble And Bumble makes the great hair mask that just breathes life back into my hair. I also recently discovered John Frieda’s color glossing treatment. If you color your hair you HAVE to try this product. It’s boots you color and shine in between coloring.

3. Give yourself a mini facial- It really pays to take care of your skin and sometimes you got to put the time in for it. Getting a good deep clean feels so nice too. I like to apply a great exfoliant, toner, mask and then finish with a nice moisturizer.

4. Give yourself a mani/pedi- I’m talking full treatment here not just painting your nails. First, I soak my nails then pull back and trim my cuticles, etc. The full enchilada. Having a fresh manicure/pedicure will brighten up your day.

5. Do yoga- Even if you aren’t much of a yogi a few downward dogs will do you good. Yoga is all about connecting mind body and soul. When you have a little “me time” try a few of the basic stretches and see how lighter you feel afterwards.


Next time you have 20 minutes or even a full day, spend that time rejuvenating and pampering yourself. I promise, you will thank me!