I’m always thrilled when I discover a product that rejuvenates my skin. Our skin gradually transforms over time AND with the seasons, so adjusting our skin care routing accordingly is imperative. Sisley is a beauty, skin and cosmetics line that was established several decades ago and has gained a reputation for their exquisite delivery. I was eager to try out a couple of their most popular skin care products.

The first product is their Buff and Wash Facial Gel. Targeted for all skin types, it’s described as a gentle exfoliant and cleanser. The first thing I noticed was the fragrance- a smell of citrus and essential oils of lavender. As I began rubbing, I appreciated its gentle scrub without that all too often sandpaper roughness. I definitely felt it’s deep cleaning action in action. My skin felt invigorated and luminous after that first wash and everyday since.

The second product is their Black Rose Cream mask, described as an anti-aging and instant energizing mask. It delivered just that too! It’s fragrance is also refreshingly pleasant. I evened out a thick layer on my face, let it sit for 15 minutes, and then gently wiped away all the excess…. And wow! My skin felt incredibly hydrated and fresh, and best of all- it wiped away that tired look many of us unfortunately fall victim to!

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