We’re in the season of smooth limbs, and those stubbly legs just won’t fly. We all know how time-consuming shaving can be and the frustration you feel when you realize you’ve missed a spot. Or how about that awkward moment when you’ve already left the house and totally forgot you were hitting a pool party later, and need to sneak in a shave?

Thankfully, Gillette Venus has come up with a cute and discrete razor called, Snap With Embrace. You can literally carry it with you wherever you go. It’s compact but still offers the 5 blade smooth shave of their regular sized razors.  It also has a water-activated ribbon consisting of Moisture for a very smooth glide. This little wonder is perfect for your purse, weekend tote and even your gym bag. Now you will be ready anytime for anything without having to endure the embarrassment of cactus legs!

Just be sure to avoid nicking yourself!