There’s no denying that full pouty lips are very desirable. Even if you aren’t blessed with natural pillow lips, doesn’t mean you can’t fake it. With just a few minutes and 3 products you can plump your pucker.

What you’ll need:

  • Lip Exfoliator- Elf makes a great one and you can score it at target for less than $4.
  • Lip plumper- I love Sexy Mother Pucker Extreme plump. It really works and even has a tingle sensation.
  • A natural lip color- I love Sisley Phyto Lip twist 2. It has just enough pink but looks natural.


  1. First, exfoliate your lips getting rid of any dead dry skin.  Your lips will have a nice smooth feel.
  2. Next apply the lip plump. Allow a moment for it to work it’s magic.
  3. Finally, add your lip color. Now it’s time to pout your sexy plump pucker!