Did you know that there is a science behind all the different hair brushes out there? I own almost every kind of brush that exists, and it wasn’t until recently that I discovered I didn’t know that each brush actually serves its own special purpose, which are specific to different hair types. I’m going to break down the most common brushes that I am sure every woman owns, and exactly how it should be used.

 Paddle Brush

This HAS to be my most favorites. This brush is excellent for redistributing the natural oils in your hair, fights frizz and generally really smooth’s out hair. I happen to have thick, relatively straight hair, which is why the paddle brush is perfect for me.

 Round Brush

The round brush is certainly universal to all hair types and lengths especially if you intend on heat styling. The size of the barrel is what you need to concern yourself with. A large round brush is going to create big, smooth waves in hair. It will add plenty of volume and movement throughout your locks. A smaller round brush is going to create more bend and curl throughout your hair. I definitely recommend choosing a ceramic barrel as it holds the heat better as well as a vented barrel because it will disperse heat and cause less damage.

 Detangling Brush

I never knew how much damage you can do to your hair when you brush it while wet. This brush definitely reacquires the most attention to details. I love letting my hair air dry but unless I can comb my mane out I look like a poodle and wind up with split ends. The Knot Genie really is magical. The bristles are smooth and are wide spaced, allowing it to move through the hair without a single snag!



Wire bristles are an absolute sin! I’m guilty of owning some myself but I got rid of them as soon as I found out how much breakage they cause to my hair. Plastic and boar bristles all the way!