I am such a sucker for candles and have spent an embarrassing amount on the ones that I just love! I think this is something girls grow accustomed too at an early age, or at least when our parents trust us with an open flame in our bedroom. Even though you might fall in love with a particular scent, it’s important to remember that you can’t permeate your entire house with one scent. It’s actually important to customize the scents for each room to set the right mood and provoke the right appetite. I’m going to give you a break down along with my favorite candles as a guideline. Here we go!

The Bedroom

The only other flame that should be burning in your bedroom is a calming and relaxing scent. Before coordinating colored candles with your bedroom theme, think aromatherapy. Vanilla and lavender are the most calming while mint or eucalyptus reduces stress. If you prefer a floral scent choose rose or jasmine. I personally love the Jo Malone Red Roses Candle. It smells like fresh roses with every burn.

The Bathroom

The scent you choose for the bathroom should be a crisp clean smell. A fresh bright scent helps eliminate odors and also brightens the mood. Maintaining a fresh smell is hard in the bathroom especially since it’s not the safest idea to leave a candle burning. I also light a candle in the bathroom when I have company but a diffuser helps the scent linger all day long as well. Voluspa offers wonderful candles with the twin diffuser. My favorite Voluspa scent is Goji Tarocco Orange. It’s a present but not overwhelming scent and I receive plenty of compliments for.

The Kitchen

I love mixing up my candles in the kitchen. When choosing a candle for the kitchen think of yummy food aromas. Apple, vanilla, coffee and cookie scents are wonderful. During holidays I love cinnamon, gingerbread and pumpkin! My go to kitchen candle is Yankee Candle Kitchen Spice. It smells delicious!

The Living Room

In my opinion the most important room to consider when choosing a candle is your living room. You don’t want a strong or overwhelming scent. An aromatic woodsy scent is universal. A scent that lingers, pleases and always sets a relaxed setting is crucial. After a trial and error period I finally found a candle that suits the requirements perfectly, The Floure Collection No. 19. So inviting!