Protecting our skin and hair from the naturally occurring hazards in our environment is a life long responsibility. The damaging effects cause frustration and even worse, might be irreversible. A must in any standard beauty regimen is a consistent and reliable hair oil. Our hair is essentially a plant- if it’s neglected, it will wilt and die. Hair oils are packed with essential oils and vitamins that help nourish and protect our scalps. 

I’ve already talked about the effects of coconut oil and how it’s penetrative powers can revive even the dullest hair. Here are a few more to add…..

Argan Oil is our hair and skin’s best friend. It’s packed with antioxidants and vitamin E that penetrates hair, leaving it hydrated and silky. I recommend Josie Maran Argan Oil Hair Serum. I loved it’s results.

Hybrid Oil to me is like a multi-vitamin. If you know you’ve neglected your hair and it needs serious attention across the board, Redken’s Diamond Oil is your solution. It works incredibly with damaged hair to repair and strengthen it, while adding luster and shine. It’s formulated with natural hair oils along with coriander, apricot, and sunflower oils. 

Another favorite of mine is the It’s A 10 Miracle Oil plus keratin. Keratin is vital as it is contains the same proteins of our own hair. We lose these proteins over time, and more rapidly with styling. But that’s not all- this products has incredible ingredients that work to rebuild our hair back into a healthier, more manageable state. 

*Styling Tip: Remember that before applying oil to your hair make sure you hair is towel dried and only slightly damp. This will help maximize the potential and potency of the product.