The eyes are one of most important features of our face. Opening your eyes with long voluminous lashes really will make them pop. These strange, almost torture contraption looking gadgets, that are feared by most men, really help achieve the voluminous look. I know women who have never even used an eyelash curler because they were scared of it, but luckily they come in different varieties to make the process less scary. believe me, you will be so happy you did it. Let me break down the basics of how to properly use an eye curler to get the best results.

1.  Use a metal eyelash curler. I like to blast it for a few second with my hair dryer to warm up the metal to add some extra heat which helps the curl stay longer. Don’t heat it for too long because this sucker gets hot fast and you will brand your face if you aren’t careful.

2. You want to curl your lashes in segments. Start at the base, make sure all your lashes are in place. Gently squeeze for about 3 seconds or a little longer and you will crimp/bend your lashes. The purpose is to curl, not kink. Next move the curler up to the middle of the lashes and squeeze again for 3 seconds. Complete by repeating this step at the tip of your lashes. if you aren’t satisfied you can repeat these steps until you achieve that right curl.

3. Once your lashes are nice and curled, separate the lashes with a dry eye lash brush. All you need to do now is apply your favorite mascara. Now look at the dramatic different!Here are 3 type of eyelash curlers, find one you feel comfortable with and that work best with your lashes.