My favorite new discovery has to be these jewelry-inspired temporary tattoos from Flash Tattoos. I first came across this wonder at Coachella when I fell in love with it’s look and functionality. The concept of wearing this as you would jewelry without actually having to WEAR  jewelry is pretty amazing. Summer months are hot and spent mostly at beaches and pools, and while I don’t want to sacrifice my jewelry, it’s not exactly practical in these conditions.

Flash Tattoos allow you to be as accessorized and flashy as you want while being totally comfortable. The best part? They’re designed to last. You can shower and swim and will only experience minor wear off. I purchased these from their website at . Each collection is $22.00 and comes with 4 sheets of tattoos.

You can cut them up and place them wherever you choose. Cut bands smaller as rings, wrap around wrists, arms and ankles and even piece them together for a necklace. Application works the same as temporary tattoos. Find the tattoo you want and measure it’s placement and then with a damp cloth or water spritz, dampen the tattoo and press gently and firmly for a moment, then peel backing off.

Way to bring back the fun 90s looks that have been in recently! I will be rocking these all summer long!