It’s very easy to get hooked on a perfume and even claim it as your own “signature scent”. I love interchanging my fragrance between pricey high-end brands and my drugstore body sprays. I get just as much compliments on both. I enjoy the scent all day and the only unnoticeable difference is the price. The purpose of spritzing ourselves with odorous liquid is to carry an allure scent with us throughout our day.

I especially tend to mix up my scents and their potency from season to season. In the summer I love favoring sweet smells of ripe fruits, floral notes and the sweet and warm aroma of caramel. Summer months can get sweaty and often compromise the longevity and integrity of our perfume. For cooler summer nights a bolder scent is great, but for the daytime I like a less potent body spray because I can reapply with out offending my company.


Here is a list of desirable fragrances ranging from $5-$30 to pleasure your nose:

Pour Femme by Bvlgari – A classic and refined scent with hints of Sambac Jasmine tea and Prelude Rose 0.34 oz. for $20, Sephora

 Jade by Banana Republic – This fresh scent is intertwined with cotton flower and pomegranate for an intriguing fragrance that will turn heads. 20 ml for $28, Banana Republic

 Aromatics Elixir by Clinique – This woodsy fragrance lures you in with chamomile, tuberose, and amber.  $20, ULTA

 Hite Linen by Estée Lauder – This scent reflects its name: Clean, crisp, and fresh. A perfect fragrance for everyday wear.  $29.50, ULTA

 Sugar Lemon by Fresh – Fresh uses sugar as a major ingredient in many of its products, making its fragrances perfect for those who want a subtle scent. $24.50, Sephora

 Pure Grace by Philosophy – A lighter step up from Philosophy’s Amazing Grace perfume, this scent combines an array of blossoms with musk. $15, Sephora

 Morning Glory by Calgon – The partner to my favorite body wash. A gentle smell of a fresh fallen petal. $10

 Designer Imposter “Clinique Happy” “Marc Jacobs Daisy – Don’t let the aerosol can fool you. This company really does an excellent job of mimicking designer fragrances flawlessly. I was so curious I had to find out for myself by testing 2 of my old time favorites and I was pleasantly surprised. $5

 Berry Sweet by Loves – One of the most nostalgic scents for me is Loves Baby Soft. Unlike the clean powdery freshness of Baby Soft, Berry Sweet offers a more flirty sweet scent of cherry blossoms and musk. $12

 Indian Coconut by Pacifica – I love the smell of coconut especially in the summer. Pacifica designed this natural fragrance and to transport you to a desert island in the sun wind a light ocean breeze. $16