The sun is out and summer is in full swing! It’s time to strut those legs and make a statement in the process. This is my summer short story of how I intend on showing some leg.

My personal style preference includes denim shorts that have a “relaxed” boyfriend style. I love a loose-fitted, sometimes cuffed approach to denim shorts. The “daisy-duke” look isn’t really for me, but for those of you that can sport it, I applaud you. Otherwise, I love a looser, longer approach with a simple tank, v-neck top or breezy blouse. Pair these shorts with an eye-catching pair of flats or a sandal heels. WildFox makes a flattering cut of these shorts.

I think it’s great to keep it casual while making bold choices with a flattering, high-cut, printed version of a swinging short-print. My newest obsession is Alexis and Ryan. Designer Brittany Spieglemeister has a unique, secure handle on creating flattering feminine prints while maintaining current appeal. I’ve worn theses shorts with a cute crop top t-shirt as well as a dressy top. A stylish pair of sandals or some strappy heels would complete the look. They’re a go to item that can transition from day to night effortlessly.

A night out often calls for dressy attire. I love a pair of shorts that fit the “sexy casual” bill. Thankfully, Kate Moss has teamed up with Top Shop to create totally affordable pieces that fall into that exact category. These scalloped satin shorts are an ideal infusion of sophistication and comfort. I would pair this gem with a sexy tank and a pair of pumps or strappy black heels to polish the look off. And don’t be shy to accessorize! Shiny jewels create a fancier look, or if you’re a casual gal, try black or cream elastic headbands around your wrist.

Of course, I can’t forget the necessary beach/vacation shorts. Crocheted shorts are the epitome of this look. Typically, crocheted shorts are best accompanied with a bathing suit or something on the more casual end of the spectrum. These shorts work best with bright colored hues or patterns and best worn over a bikini or on a casual lunch. Opt for a pair of cute sandals or flats in order to optimize the look and make the most of this laid-back vibe.

To end my short story, the most important message I leave you with is: pick the shorts that best suit you- your body, and your comfort.  The better you feel, the better you can rock the shorts. So give those beautiful legs a good, clean shave and get ready to strut them off in style.







Edited by Natalie Johnson