“I woke up like this” isn’t just a catch phrase, it’s actually possible. The last thing I want to do is wake up extra early just to spend more time getting ready. I tend to stay awake too late and love my sleep too much. With this being said I have found a way to put in the effort without compromising my schedule. Having the luxury of waking up and not having to exhaust myself with a routine, and still look refreshed and ready to go is a godsend. I will break down exactly how.

 First lets start with rudimentary beauty 101. A full day can be exhausting for your body; starting with make up, sunlight, toxic air, recycled air condition (i.e. office buildings); more make up, poor diet, etc. At the end of the day your skin and face are just as tired as your body. Without proper relaxing and TLC it’s impossible to undo the havoc that’s endured. No one wants to age herself by Friday.

 It’s time to adopt a nightly skin regimen that will make you the source of envy for your friends and co-workers. “You look so rested and vibrant today, what’s your secret?” Will be all you hear. Here is a routine that will help relax, repair complexion and revamp your hair all while you sleep. Just remember that your skin needs rest just as much as your brain and body

1. Wash your face, and I mean really wash that face. Get rid of all the make up and dirt that’s settled on your face throughout the day. Use a gently make up remover and then wash. I love Clean & Clear night relaxing face wash. It washes away the build up of a day and has calming aromas to help relax.

2. You MUST moisturize. Your skin endures more torture throughout the day than you realize. Hydrating and moisturizing the skin will enhance its appearance even while you sleep. I like to use a deep moisturizer like Neutrogena deep moisture night crème. I don’t have to worry about my skin drying out while I sleep.

3. Taking special care of the sensitive tissue under the eye will be a lifesaver come morning. Poor diet and lack of sleep will cause the under eye area to puff and there isn’t much you can do about this come morning. Garnier has an awesome anti-puff eye roller that does the job and is almost too easy to apply.

4. A good habit to get into is using a good thick cream on your hands and feet. These are important areas you don’t want to neglect has they often take on a lot of stress from the day. I also like to apply a good lip product like Fresh intense repair. The whole theme here is to rehydrate and rejuvenate our skin.

5. Lets now turn our attention to the hair. Personally, I have thick hair that isn’t a quick or simple process to restyle everything morning. I recommend using dry shampoo and then I either section the hair and braid it, or twist it into a top bun and fasten it with a scrunchy. Don’t braid or twist your hair too tight, as you will only kink your hair, making it more of a mess for yourself in the morning. Braids will give you natural waves and a bun will lift roots and give you great bounce and volume. I recommend wrapping your hair in a silk scarf to prevent frizz from you pillow.

6. Before I hit the hay I like to spray my pillow with mist of lavender or chamomile aroma. Relaxing yourself before bed is the best way to ensure a good and restful night of sleep.


1. Wash your face again. I love to use a gently scrub like Clean & Clear Morning Burst. It gently washes away oil and residue from my sleep, has a delightful citrus scent, and has natural cleansing agents that help brighten and awaken skin, bringing out its natural glow.

2. Moisturize AGAIN! This time choose a lightweight moisturizer that won’t clog your pores, especially if you wear make up. Your skin needs to breathe under make up. A gel based moisturizer soaks into the skin without leaving a filmy residue.

3. Now let your hair out and give it a shake and run your fingers through. You can spritz in some styling product if need be, but the idea here is to wear your hair naturally beautiful.

 Make up ideas: Since we are keeping this “au natural” I would apply an SPF tinted moisturizer to even out complexion. Sweep on a subtle blush just on the apples of your cheeks and lightly brush on a warm neutral eye shadow. Bronze, grey, peach, and rose hues a great. Curl your lashes and apply long wear or waterproof mascara. Finally apply a rosy, natural lip gloss/stick combo on your lips and you are good to go!