A metal spoon has many beauty uses besides de-puffing your eyes. Recently I learned about this trick and I had to try it out and share my results with you all. The spoons edges are used as a guide to line your eyes with perfection and symmetry.  You can also flip the spoon around and use it as a guard for applying mascara.

 To try this beauty hack follow these simple instructions. First, position spoon handle off the outer corner of your eyes. Adjust the angle to your liking and then draw your first line.Next use the spoons curved edge to match the edge of your eye with the outer end of your eyeliner, and angle the spoon so the curve almost meets your lash line.

After you have made your initial line fill in the gaps and build the line inward.

Now using the back of the spoon gently press the edge into your lash line and swipe from the base of your lash line upwards pressing into the spoon.Make sure you use a gel or liquid liner as application, as it will be more affective. That’s it!

 I was so impressed with my results and will definitely be using this trick more often! Give this a try yourself and share your results with us!