I am as confirmed an urbanite as one can be. I love exploring and wandering upon a gem of a shop or exuberant street art hidden in alley ways throughout the city. It’s wonderful just pondering about the artist and the possible inspirations behind her art. Likewise, my style is often inspired by my eclectic surroundings. I love pairing an over-sized sweatshirt with a cute leather number. Classy makes me a happy girl once again with this sassy sweatshirt. I practically live in this leather skirt from Zara, so pairing them together felt right. On a recent and rare shopping trip with my Bub, I was itching for some new sunnies. My mouth watered when my eyes fell upon this pair of Versace shades.

I’ve been overly attached to my new jewels from Kyle Chan and Shopprimadonna.com. I couldn’t help but feel super fly today!

Photographed by Stephanie Corneliussen

Post Edited by Natalie Johnson