Sweat and make up obviously don’t mix well. During the summertime it’s impossible to avoid the heat, and the make up you spent forever applying is long gone. Here is a simple solution to get and KEEP the sexy make up you applied and the best part? The makeup actually starts to look better as the day and night goes on.

First, put your face on. I recommend using a sheer mineral make up or tinted moisturizer. This will not cake onto your face and allow your skin to breathe. Besides, sweating under a mask isn’t cute. If you need more coverage, spot cover with a concealer. I also recommend doing a little cream contouring to help with complexion appearance.

When you have you face ready you can start with your eyes. Use a shimmer foundation. This is not optional, Even if you don’t wear eye shadow. Not only is it easy to apply, shimmer shadow adheres better to your lids and won’t crease. It also catches light and makes your eyes sparkle. I used 2 shades from Urban Decay, Chopper and Smog. I love a nice bronzed eye. Using a smaller brush and the same shadow, build a blurred line below your longer lash line. You don’t have to be too exact; I usually clean up with a Q-tip and blend. This will add drama and make your eyes pop.

Now the key with liner is first make sure it’s water proof, second, you are building a “line”. The term “tight lining” means you line your eyes between the roots of your lashes. Gently press the liner tip in-between lashes making small little dabs. This technique really defines your lash lines without giving you raccoon eyes. Draw a thin small line along your top lash just for a little extra flare. Line your lower water line with waterproof liner as well. Curl your lashes and apply 2 coats of waterproof mascara. Your lashes will be thick and voluminous!

Next, Sweep on your favorite bronzer for a nice natural glow. Follow up with a nice peachy blush just on the apples of you cheeks and Finish it off with a shiny nude or natural lip gloss. Now you’re ready to dance the night away!