Potatoes are one of the most commonly used vegetables and can be found in just about every kitchen. They’re rich in vitamin C, which is a key mineral for maintaining healthy skin. Aside from being a popular food staple, potatoes can also play an important role in skincare.

Here’s how this starchy veggie is terrific for your skin:

Skin lightening: Apply a mixture of one potato and some lemon juice to lighten your skin. It’s a natural and mild bleaching agent that ensures positive results fast.

Remove dark circles: If dark circles affect you, then you’ll benefit from this one. All you have to do is cut a raw potato into round slices, lay down, shut your eyes, and place the slices on top of your eyes for about ten minutes. If you repeat this everyday before bed, you’ll slowly see your dark circles disappear.

Treat blemishes: Apply cool potato juice on your blemishes regularly and they’ll be gone in no time.

Natural exfoliant: Potatoes can also remove the dry and dead skin cells on your face. Grate and peel one potato, apply the mix on your face for 10-15 minutes, and rinse with lukewarm water. Do this regularly and it will serve to rejuvenate your skin.

Prevent wrinkles: Potatoes have anti-wrinkling properties, which is why washing your face with potato juice everyday can help prevent wrinkles and add a wonderful glow to your skin.