Fall is certainly in the air, even if its still a sweltering 85 degrees every day. I suppose there’s a tiny alarm that goes off inside of alerting me that seasons are on the cusp of change, and therefore its time to shop! I’ve been sufficing this appetite by doing some window shopping ala the inter-webs, and my eyes are now glazed over and blurry with images of plaids and knits. I can’t help but long for brisk afternoons followed by a chilly night, accompanied by an over-sized sweater, knit beanie and a hot totty!

I thought I would share- or rather influence the rest of you- with my fall cravings. I simply love these looks.

I just love plaid and believe it to be a truly timeless pattern. Indulge in that perfect fit top that you can pull out every year and feel just as relevant as the year before. This top is by Current/Elliot and although somewhat steep in price, I believe it’s worth it!


I love layering, and fall temperatures allow me to wear my favorite pieces all at once! This layered look from Free People is exactly how I want to dress everyday.

If you know me personally, you understand my affinity for the 90’s- especially the music, sorry not sorry. Imagine my glee that the best of the 90’s fashion is back in style. How I long for this girlish punk ensemble also brought to you by Free People.

Although many would disagree, I find the androgynous look very “now”. The tailored stream lines and muted colors are perfection in my book. If you fear looking too masculine, throw on a strand of pearls or a slick pair of heels. This look from ZARA screams confidence and class.