We inherit their eyes, their ears, their cheek bones and toes. We even mimic their gestures and laughs. Moms are extremely influential in our lives. I am fortunate to have two amazing women in my life who I have learned so much from- whether it’s a life lesson or love lesson, my mother and grandma have been amazing examples and supporters in my life. Not only am I blessed to have inherited some amazing genes from them and can assure I will age just as gracefully as them, they have offered a bevy of sound beauty advice. I might have never started moisturizing as soon as I did if it wasn’t for them. I got my cheekbones from my mama and my appetite for fashion from my grandma.

I had the pleasure of spending the weekend with them both and decided to ask them some questions to share with you all. Since I always have loved their advice, I hope you do too.

What was the first beauty tip you received from your mom?

Mom: To always wear moisturizer. Never to pull and stretch on the skin around my eyes. Those are the 2 things that always stuck with me.

Grandma: My mother told me to always moisturize, which didn’t help too much cause I was a sun lover. She also told me not to start plucking my eyebrows because then you can’t stop.

What product have you used since you were a young woman that you swear by?

Mom: It has to be Maybeline mascara. I have tried every brand from drug store brands to high end. Ever since I was 14 years old, Maybeline has always worked the best for me.

Grandma: I have been wearing Georgio Armani perfume for 35 years and have only ever worn it. It’s my signature scent.

As you matured, how did you beauty regimen change? Products?

Mom: As far as a makeup routine, nothing has changed for me. I never have and still to this day don’t wear foundation. I only wear mascara, blush and lipstick. I now apply eye cream morning and night. Specifically Estée Lauder and Clinique eye cream and repair wear serum.

Grandma: I moisturized gently and would wear hats when I was in the sun.

What is something you wish you started doing years ago and/or what do you regret doing?

Mom: Sleeping face down on my pillow has caused me to wake up with puffy eyes. I wish I could have trained myself to sleep on my back long ago. I also wish I could’ve been introduced to Moroccan oil sooner. I love how my hair feels as it adds lots of moisture.

Grandma: I regret exposing my face to the sun for so many years. I at least wish I would’ve started wearing hats sooner!

What makes you feel most beautiful?

Mom: I feel most beautiful when I have clean hair, a fresh mani/pedi and a great outfit! A nice compliment never hurts either!

Grandma: When my lipstick goes on straight!