I don’t always get excited about fashion accessories, but when I do, they are unique and have a fresh flavor. When my friend Wesley told me he started his own neck wear line I was excited to check it out and he did not disappoint.  

His line features lots of different fabrics, idiosyncratic stitching and a wide variety of colors that can make any outfit really pop. I don’t want to oversell here but when these ties are around my neck I feel considerably sexier. Distinguished.  People are oblivious to my inner scrub while sporting these.

My personal favorites are the “Parker” bowtie series. They make a bold statement that says, “hey I’m wearing a style that’s been dormant for 100years so don’t mess with me.” From the Man himself, “Wesley Neckwear is hand crafted from limited batches of vintage fabric making each tie part of an original and unique collection. By using these select fabrics we gain exclusivity while also being eco-friendly.

That’s-called a win win, or double awesome. Our ties guarantee to turn heads…and change hearts.  Made in Los Angeles, California.

Check out his website cutbywesley.com and spice up your tie game.

 Tell him Tom sent you.