OK, I’ve heard your cries and so; I’m finally sharing with you the secret behind my eyebrows. I don’t “do” my brows EVERY day. Fortunately I’ve been blessed with awesome Italian genes that resulted in natural, thick and full brows. However, when I want to have a polished face, I find that filling in the gaps and giving some defined lines really makes a huge difference. To achieve this look simply follow these steps.

First give your brows a good brushing. This helps smooth them out so you can see the shape better.

When selecting a color avoid using a crayon or powder that is darker than your natural color. If you do, you will look like sharpie brows. So, choose a color crayon or powder wisely.

Use a short bristled brush. Then begin stroking the powder or crayon throughout your brows to fill in gaps and create more consistent fullness. Be careful not to go outside the lines. Focus on the inside of the brow line.

Go ahead and repeat  to make sure they are staying symmetrical.

Now using a brow liner, define the lower brow line and the top of the arch. Don’t outline the whole brow. They will never look right and appear to be drawn on.

Brush them once more and focus on lightly blending.

Apply a highlight along the bottom edge and over the top of your brows to really fine tune the shape, and make the lines very clean.

Now your brow game is on.