Dry, chapped and cracked lips are not only uncomfortable but can put a damper on your beauty game. Unfortunately, during the winter months it’s hard to avoid this evil curse. Have no fear because there are several things you can do to prevent or recover your chapped lips.

Most important thing to remember is that it’s all about hydration. Drink plenty of water. You lips are made up of layers of thin skin and when your lips dry out they flake and peel. DO NOT lick your lips. It’s hard to resist but this will only dry out your lips more.

Let’s talk about chap sticks and moisturizers. A chap stick with SPF and zinc are great because they will protect your lips from the sun and create a barrier from wind and cause your lips to dry out. If you need more of an intense moisturizer choose a product that contains almond oil, vitamin E and Shea butter.  These ingredients aid in bringing relief and hydration quickly.

If your lips are looking a little flakey and getting in the way of applying lipstick, you can gently exfoliate your lips by applying balm. Using a soft bristle toothbrush gently buff away the dead skin using circular motions. Once your lips are smooth apply another layer of lip balm and wait 5 minutes until it’s fully absorbed.

Finally, if your lips are already chapped avoid exfoliating, licking, and lipsticks, especially ones with matte color. Don’t use a Chap Stick containing an SPF as an ingredient because it might be too harsh for your lips.  Instead use a lip conditioner with Shea butter, almond oil or vitamin E. If you’re outside use a scarf to cover your lips. Also you can slice up cucumbers and place them on your lips for an extra boost- I recommend this while watching TV!

So it’s that simple. Just give your lips a little extra TLC over these cold months and you will maintain kissable, happy lips!