Get ready to celebrate Christmas with a delicious cocktail! I love the taste of peppermint and chocolate together and if you add a little alcohol you achieve perfection. This cocktail couldn’t be easier to make and beyond delicious to drink.

What you need:

  • Vodka
  • Carton of Starbucks Peppermint Mocha Beverage.
  • Shaker
  • Ice


  • Using a jigger or shot glass, measure out a shot (1-1.5 ounces) of vodka and pour into the shaker.
  • Next add 4 ounces of the Peppermint Mocha to the shaker along with some ice.
  • Shake vigorously.
  • Strain into a martini glass and garish with peppermint candy or fresh mint leaves.


Photography by Jennifer Biswas