I am not a neat freak by any stretch; a little clutter is comforting to me. BUT, if you ask any of my friends, especially my boyfriend, the one thing I am meticulous about is maintaining organization in my closet. Clothes need to be neatly folded and I even color code and categorize my hanging items. I like to be able to clearly see my clothing and locate pieces with ease.

This system may seem overboard but it helps SO much when I am getting dressed and don’t want to spend 4 hours trying to find something, while destroying my close in the process. As I tell my boyfriend as he is scrambling to find something, everything has a place, and if you put it back and maintain the organization you never have to hunt again. Besides, life is stressful enough. I will get into other stuff soon enough but for today let me share with you my system for organizing my drawers.

 A messy drawer may as well be deemed broken. While their design is great for storing lots of clothing, you can access items easily or can’t clearly see what is in there, it becomes a tangled mess and things just get lost in it. You fold all your shirts so nicely and then the minute you need one you begin digging and before you know it, pure chaos! You know what I say? No. More. Digging. I have a “filing” system that allows you to simply slide open a drawer, clearly see every item and pluck it from the drawer without disturbing the peace.

Let’s start with the fold. Its nothing fancy but just requires a little more attention and deliberate execution. The result should be a nice neat SQUARE, not a rectangle. It’s important to fold each shirt to the same size so your pile is neat and squared. To be exact 6”x6”x6”x6″

1.Start by laying shirt out flat and smooth out wrinkles.

2.Fold half of shirt to middle and smooth flat.

3.Fold other half across top. Some shirts will obviously vary in size so you may need to alter how much you fold in on each side.

4.Now fold upwards once to meet the armpit of the shirt.

5.Finally fold once more to meet the top edge of the shirt. You should be left with a nice even square.


Repeat and repeat and repeat.

Once you have a good size stack grab, stack with on hand underneath and one on top. Rather than putting the stack into the drawer up right, turn the stack on its side so all the front folds are facing you and place neatly into the drawer. Now you can see what I mean by “filing” the shirts. You can clearly see the whole stack and all you have to do is gently pluck your desired piece. I love this because it’s really easy to maintain and rarely ever gets messed up.

I love drawer dividers like these because over time the really help keep my shirt organized even better but certainly not mandatory. I promise you will thank me for sharing this with you, until the next closet organizing post, get folding!