The beauty world is saturated with endless make up brushes and it can be quite overwhelming. As for me, I got to the point where I was determined to figure out what the difference was between all these brushes. In my research I uncovered that when used correctly these brushes really do serve their own unique purpose, and can really optimize results. Now, I’m not saying you should stick to the “rules”. If you use an angle brush when you should use a flat shadow brush that’s totally cool. If it works for you that’s all that matters.

Let me show you the brushes that I use daily and what they are intended for.

For the Eyes

Photography by Jennifer Biswas

Photography by Jennifer Biswas

1. Shading brush – it has a nice tapered end and is slightly fluffy. It doesn’t have a heaving application so if you add a soft touch of color this is perfect. I use this one on the outer corners of my eyes to achieve a smokey look. This brush works shadow nicely into the crease.

2. Pencil brush – I also love this one for a smokey eye. It’s a denser brush with shorter bristles. This will apply more shadow and a dramatic look. I use this for darker colors when closer to my lash line.

3. Shading and diffuser brush – This brush is perfect for lightly applying shadow. I use this brush to fine tune my eyes without over doing it with too much shadow.


4. Angle brush – I love the versatility of this brush. I use it on my crease and brow bone. Its shape really lends to the eye shaping and creates a beautiful contoured eye.

5. Smudge Brush – another one of my favorites. I like to apply a thick line of liner and use this brush to blur and smoke the line out for a smudgy smolder eye. This is also perfect to blend out liner on the lower lashes.

6. Defining Brush – a flat, short and dense brush. If you are using a colorful shadow this is perfect for that. It will apply a higher pigment.

7. Brow Brush – Very essential. It’s dual ended and makes the brow game strong.

For the Face

1. Angled/contour brush – the shorter bristle and angled shape works perfectly to define cheekbones as well as blend make up so that you get a natural and defined face shaped.

2. Angle Blush Brush – I always use an angle brush for my blush. The blush gently hits your cheeks keeping with the naturally flushed appeal.

3. Powder – I recommend using a fluffy brush like this for powder. Powder should only ben lightly dusted on the face to help set your make up and get rid of shine. Too much powder and you get a gross cakey look.

4. Fan Brush – the gentlest brush ever! I use this to apply highlighter and sweep away and shadow that falls onto my cheeks after I apply eye shadow.

5. Stippled Foundation Brush – I often use a beauty blender but this stipples brush provides a smooth even application.

6. Concealer – This pointed brush has just enough precision to cover small and larger areas.