It’s important to be prepared for any situation and in all the different areas of life. For caution we drive around with a spare tire at all times. We even bring a long a jacket in case the temperature drops along with other necessities to make sure we are covered, just incase. Among these things should be make up.

Sometimes we aren’t prepared with everything we may need. How about when you are traveling and trying to pack light and not bring your whole cosmetic collection? It’s virtually impossible to cart my entire make up with me.  Or God forbid you lose your luggage. Well, I had a brilliant idea and figured it was time to put together a “take with you everywhere” make up bag.

A bag compact enough to hold 10 essential items to touch up, transition, or create a whole new look for natural daytime to glamorous evening makeup. You don’t need to invest a lot of money since this is more or less a “back up” bag, but having doubles is a life saver incase you lose one of the item as well. Also something important to consider while selecting your products is that you want to keep it minimal. Make sure the products are multipurpose and transitional.

So here is the bag of essential I put together for myself and that you can create for yourself at home.

  1. Basic nude palette shadow compact- this color wheel is extremely versatile. Stray away for shimmery shadows. You can even use to touch up your brows or create contour. Also try to find one with a built in mirror. Mine is by Urban Decay.

  2. Liquid Eyeliner- when black shadow isn’t giving you the drama you need liquid eye line is clutch. Find one that is easiest for you to apply and is long wear. I like felt tip of this Stila liquid eye pen.

  3. Mascara- this is a no brainer. If I have mascara on me at all times I’m a happier person. I love this waterproof mascara from Benefit.

  4. Dual Ended Eye Brush- When I was putting my bag together my main goal was to down size. I wanted it to be as functional as possible but made sure to keep it simple. This brush can work as a brow brush, angled liner brush, and a shadow smudge brush. The functionality of 3 brushes packed into one.

  5. Concealer/Foundation stick- I find the stick form of these products to be the quickest, cleanest and easiest for applying on the go. A few swipes and blend with your fingertips and you’re good to go! Mine is from Revlon.

  6. Powder Compact- this is one product where you really want to pack as much function into it. This one has the built in mirror, a sponge applicator, and a brush as well. I’m obsessed with this compact from Benefit.

  7. Dual Ended Lip Crayon- I Love two color options in one product. I also think lip crayons are so easy and fuss free to apply. I love this one from Susan Posnick because it has on one end a pretty natural nude shade and on the other is a beautiful fiery red.

  8. A staple lip-gloss in nude or clear- Lip-gloss is everyone’s friend. I especially love one with plumping peptides. Worn over lipstick or on its own really make your pout prominent. This one is a plumper by POP.

  9. Stain- Stain is one of my favorite products. You can apply it on the lips for a fuss free lip or dab on the cheeks for a natural flush. Stains are essential for multipurpose use. Mine is from Benefit.

  10. Q-Tips- Under rated and often over looked as beauty essentials. For easy clean up and as a make shift make up brushes these are perfect. I have created a full smokey eye make up using only Q-tips so I’m a believer and you should be too!

Now you will never be left in a bind and will always look your best! What will you keep in your emergency makeup bag?